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With five national parks, Utah is America’s national park capital. At Clear Drain, that’s why we love working as drain cleaners and rooters in Utah. There’s so much beauty. Utah’s National Parks protect spectacular canyons and plateaus made from millions of years of nature’s downpour, winds, and erosion. Our state’s towering sandstone monuments, red rock towers, deep canyons and sheer precipices, and arches and bridges draw explorers from around the globe.

National Parks Month

These parks are relatively nearby, making it conceivable to see every one of them amid one, ultimate get-away.

Zion, with its profound canyons and steep cliffs. Arches, with its great many natural curves. Bryce with its splendid hue. Canyonlands, with the Colorado River winding around sheer cliffs. Capitol Reef, with natural sandstone bridges and ravines. These National Parks are for everybody, young and old.

Arches National Park

These 120 square miles contain the most noteworthy stone curves on the planet, 2,000 and counting. Some are famous, such as Delicate Arch. Others scenic beauties shatter records, including pencil-thin Landscape Arch, one of the world’s longest detached curves.

Bryce Canyon National Park

On the off chance that you think rocks just come in dark hues, you’ll be stunned by the polychromatic presentation of the world’s biggest display of hoodoos. Bryce Canyon’s sunrises and sunsets are second to none. Get ready to be transfixed as the stones unleash their dynamic hues, as though shining from inside.

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef includes stunning features like the hundred-mile-long Waterpocket Fold, a wall-like crack of stone in Earth’s surface that’s kept out everything except the hardiest of pioneers. For a real taste of Mormon pioneer living, don’t miss the 1908 Gifford Homestead.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands is the biggest and most undeveloped of Utah’s national parks, so unfathomably large it is partitioned into four areas. The waterways the Colorado and Green Rivers and their tributaries make up one area. The Maze is rough and remote. Island in the Sky (I-SKY) glides high over the canyon bottoms; a plateau rimmed with vertiginous vistas. The Needles is more than 110 miles toward the south and offers miles of awesome hiking. Don’t forget to see the park’s desert bighorn sheep. Canyonlands’ bighorns have been utilized to restock the diminishing herds at Arches and Capitol Reef.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is made up of walled cliff sanctuaries decorated with hanging greenhouses and emerald pools. Be staggered by the tremendousness of everything. The stunning National Parks of Utah are just one of many reasons that Clear Drain loves being drain cleaners and rooters in Utah. Such beauty. Such wonderful people.