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If you are planning to have a special Valentine’s Day dinner at home with your loved one, create a high-impact surprise by decorating not only your dining room but also your bathroom.

Valentine's Day Makeover For Bathroom

(Pixabay / TerriC)

Give your bathroom a dose of romance by adding Valentine’s Day décor. Here are just a few ideas for spicing it up for the holiday:

  • Put rose petals and candles around the bathtub. Just be sure to use candle holders to prevent wax from dripping onto the bathroom floor or onto the rim of the tub. Place a bottle of champagne or red wine on the bathroom counter, and you’ll be ready for romance.
  • Replace your regular shower curtain one bearing hearts or other Valentine’s Day images. Shop online for options.
  • Take a plain roll of toilet paper. Write love-themed messages on it and roll it back up. Use it to replace your current roll.
  • Add a personalized bathmat to the floor. You can have the mat specially printed with you and your partner’s names on it.
  • Spiff up the bath towels. Tie them up with red bows or use permanent marker to draw red hearts on white towels.
  • Draw hearts on your bathroom mirror using red soap or even lipstick. (Make sure to sample a small patch of the mirror to make sure the lipstick will wash off easily.)
  • Set out a special jar of red or pink bubble bath.
  • Replace your regular bath soap with heart-shaped soaps available at specialty stores on Valentine’s Day.
  • Decorate the bathroom walls with different sizes and colors of hearts. You can buy these hearts from craft stores or cut them yourself in advance.
  • Set a bouquet of flowers on the bathroom counter.

A few simple adornments can make a big splash. Most importantly, they will send the message that you care enough to make the day special for your partner.