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Summer is a time to enjoy being outdoors, soak in the sun’s warmth, and take that long-awaited vacation. It is also a time when summer-specific problems in your plumbing system could occur. The problems could be minor and easily repaired, or they could require a hefty allotment of time and money to fix.

summer plumbing issues

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Most of the plumbing problems that occur during summer could be avoided if you conduct some preventative maintenance on your system. Here are a few things to inspect for:

  • Leaking washing machine hoses – People leave home more often during summer, taking advantage of the temperate weather. As a result, people often soil more clothing and place heavier demands on the washing machine. Washing machine hoses could deteriorate due to frequent use, especially if you use a lot of hot water. Replacing the hoses every three years could prevent leaking and flooding in the laundry area. The hoses should be regularly inspected for any signs of leaks or damage.
  • Sump pumps – This pump is designed to keep water from accumulating or pooling in the basement or other areas where water tends to settle. When the first summer rain comes, there could be problems if the pump is not in good working order. Check to see if the float of the pump is engaged and if the pump adequately drains pooled water. If your basement floods in summer, you’ll be cooped up inside, orchestrating the cleanup when everybody else is outside enjoying the blue sky and warm weather.
  • Tree roots – Trees develop new roots during spring. The roots will begin to spread during the summer months. The roots could damage the home’s water lines. Ask a plumber to conduct an inspection of your water and sewer lines if you suspect that the tree roots are getting in their way.
  • Condensate drain backup – Air conditioners get heavy use during the hot days of summer. Dirt, debris, or mold could block the air conditioner’s condensate drains. Condensate backup could lead to extensive damage. You can prevent this problem from occurring by asking a professional plumber to inspect and maintain the drain before turning on the air conditioner for summer.
  • Garbage disposal problems – Many people mistakenly believe that they can throw anything into the kitchen garbage disposal. In truth, the more careful you are with your disposal, the longer it will last. Avoid filling it with fibrous plant waste, cornhusks, fruit pits, and other items that are difficult to grind. Throw this waste in the trash bin instead.

Proper care and maintenance can prevent most common plumbing problems people encounter during summer. It is better to invest a little in preventative maintenance than to spend a fortune on costly repairs.