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An overflowing toilet is one of the most common drain cleaning issues in a home. The problem could turn into a serious one when the water affects other parts of the house. A toilet flooding that is not addressed could turn into a major disaster. The water could leak into adjoining rooms or into the rooms below. You will not only be concerned with a major repair, but you will have to deal with big expenses as well.

What to do when toilet overflows

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You can spare your home from damage, and your pocketbook from ensuing repair costs, if you know how to stop an overflowing toilet. A toilet runs over when there is a blockage in the toilet drain or a malfunction in the water tank float mechanism. Here are a few repair steps you can take:

  • Put on a pair of rubber or disposable gloves.
  • Turn off the toilet’s water supply – The water supply turn-off valve is typically located below the toilet bowl. Stop the supply by turning the valve counter-clockwise.
  • Take off the water tank cover if you cannot locate the water line valve – You can stop the flow of water into the toilet bowl by raising the float cup higher. This will stop water from running.
  • Turn off the water supply to the house if the water keeps on running – If you take the last two steps and the water keeps on flowing into the bowl, you need to turn off the supply of water to the entire house.
  • Remove excess water – Remove the water that has spilled from the toilet bowl to prevent further damage to the house. You can dispose of the collected water later in the sink or toilet drain.
  • Unclog the toilet – If a clogged toilet caused the overflow, use a toilet plunger, starting with slow pressure at the toilet’s base and gradually increasing your pace and pressure.
  • Use a toilet auger if the plunger fails – If you cannot unclog the toilet with your plunger, try a toilet auger. Insert the auger’s tube side deep into the toilet hole, apply slow pressure, and turn the auger to remove the clog.

Even if you succeed in fixing the clog, remember that you still need to address the underlying problem. If there is an issue with your float mechanism and its ability to regulate water levels, the toilet will continue to overflow. Make sure to call a Utah toilet repair professional who can provide a lasting solution.