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Did you know that each year we celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th? The day was created by a surprisingly large organization, United Nations, to encourage awareness across the globe regarding environmental issues.

World Environment Day

Most articles about the environment are about recycling, reducing pollution, etc. We thought that this World Environment Day we’d write from a different angle. We wanted to write specific to the environment’s impact on Utah’s plumbing systems.

Large, rich trees help beautify our yard. They can give us fruit. Trees can also shade our homes and reduce unnecessarily high cooling costs. However, did you know that tree roots can wreck your home? While the highest points of trees accompany a wide range of advantages, tree roots can be especially troublesome, particularly in terms of plumbing.

How Do Tree Roots Damage Plumbing In Salt Lake City?

Mother Nature’s trees do what comes, well, natural. Trees, too, want to thrive and grow. As living things, trees are always on the hunt for more water and nutrients. In the event that a tree roots develop close to a plumbing pipe, and that pipe happens to have a small hole in it, the tree may exploit it.

The Damage Tree Roots Cause to Plumbing Pipes

Tree roots are notorious for entering plumbing pipes through the smallest of holes and cracks. Depending on what pipe the access they now have unlimited access to water or water runoff. What a great source for growth. Growth means growing roots and further damage. Before you know it you have a pipe that’s fully blocked due to massive roots growing within it or a broken pipe that causes wild leaks into your yard, which soon becomes a swampland.

What can be worse is damage to your home’s foundation. A large backlog of water against a homes foundation can penetrate your basement. Given enough time, cracks or holes in a home’s foundation, too, can be exploited. Whether a tree root expands a crack in a home’s foundation or a backed up pipe causes water to weigh against your home’s foundation, tree roots can be bad news.

How Do I Prevent Plumbing Damage From Tree Roots?

Preventing pipe damage from tree roots starts at the beginning. When landscaping, keep from planting trees near your home. By landscaping at least a few feet away from your home’s foundation, you can save yourself an immeasurable headache in the future.

Plant Trees with Shallow Root Systems

Even if you plant a few feet away from your home, there is still another measure to consider to protect your Utah house’s plumbing. Consider planting trees with shallow root systems. By planting trees with these types of roots, you’ll ensure that even with years of growth it is unlikely to have roots grow excessively to the point that they could become intrusive.

When to Call Utah Professional Plumbers?

In the event that you see indications of sewer pipe spillage, for example, wet spots in your yard, or you are encountering regular clogs in your pipes, contact Clear Drain. Don’t prolong the problem, immediately have a professional plumber investigate the problem. A few days time can make the difference between small maintenance and massive sewer system excavations.