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March 11 is World Plumbing Day. The annual celebration started in 2010 and has become a significant day among social and political institutions across the globe.

World Plumbing Day

(Pixabay / DevoKit)

There is a strong correlation between good plumbing and health and environmental sustainability. Economic prosperity is also closely linked to good plumbing. In light of these important connections, the World Plumbing Council works to promote better plumbing worldwide—not only on World Plumbing Day but year-round.

World Plumbing Day is honored through activities, such as seminars and exhibits around the world. People share knowledge, build connections, and find opportunities to improve the quality of life through plumbing, sanitation, and fresh water.

Plumbing is essential to our lives. Modern plumbing has made life far more convenient and safe. Where modern plumbing is in place, people no longer have to bathe in rivers or in unsanitary public baths. Indoor plumbing allows us to clean ourselves and use the toilet in the comfort of our own home.

Cooking is dramatically simplified. Water need not be drawn from wells and carried by containers inside the house for someone to prepare food for the family. All we have to do is engage the faucet, and clean water will flow out.

Plumbing processes are not perfect. Things break down, but thankfully, skilled plumbers can help us navigate challenges. Experienced plumbers are just a phone call away and can remedy a wide variety of plumbing disasters.

On March 11, take a moment to honor World Plumbing Day and the many plumbing advances that contribute daily to our quality of life.