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Water and sewer are essential for home sewer systems and for the disposal of wastewater. Water is normally delivered by well or by the municipal water system. Wastewater is disposed of through septic systems or municipal sewer systems.

Homes Water Sources

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Knowing more about water for your home can help you ensure that you have the best water supply for your needs and also help you understand how to avoid water-related problems. Here’s a look at some common water sources.

City Water and Sewer

With city water, the type of water and sewer system are not usually a matter a choice. Homeowners simply “plug in” to the existing municipal system. City systems are well-engineered and properly maintained for the most part, assuring homeowners of connections with minimal problems.

Septic Systems

If a city system is not accessible, you may need to rely on a septic system. Septic systems require regular maintenance. They should be pumped periodically, depending on the size of the tank. Before buying a house with a septic system, find out from the system’s permit if it was designed based on the existing number of bedrooms in the house. If someone has added on to the home, the septic system may not be enough to support additional drain cleaning and rootering needs.


Some homebuyers prefer to get their water from wells in order to avoid monthly payments to the city for municipal water. Before buying a home, the well must be inspected to determine the static level of water inside. Water samples should be taken and sent to labs for testing for coliform bacteria and heavy metals. The original well permit must be inspected to find out the well’s depth and flow rate. You could have the well pumped dry to confirm the flow rate.A professional inspector can assess the pressure tank under your house to determine the water pressure inside the house. Check for water filters to combat the effects of hard water.

There are no monthly bills if you use well water, but be ready for the expenses involved with replacing the pump and the water tank over time.